After shopping around Omotesando, maybe you want to take a break.
There are wonderful shops along the street, however, today, we will introduce you“OMOTESANDO KOFFEE” as a special recommended spot.
You can reach here from ‘Omotesando Station’on Tokyo Metro Line for about 5 minutes on foot. First, go to the side road of ‘Apple Store Omotesando’ and then go to the back street of Ton-katsu Restaurant ‘Maisen.’(Ton-katsu is kind of fried pork.) You can find a cafe in a residential area.

But there is not an up-front signboard. This cafe is a traditional old folk house whose entrance is surrounded with green, so it is a little bit hard for you to find, but you must be very glad when you can reach here all the way.

Now, let’s enter the cafe from the backyard.

A wind bell and a sliding door of the wooden frame. The café’s name printed on the glass. Everything is wonderful.

This cafe is evaluated as a popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo by ‘tripadvisor, so a lot of Asian and European tourists visited here in spite of weekday.

A yard where we saw from inside of the shop. All the people who bought coffee were taking pictures, while sitting on the bench and drinking coffee freely.

A lamp surrounded the shade which looks like a hand-made, and a foliage plant inside of the shop. They are decorated really well, using the space which is called ‘Toko-no-ma.’ A Japanese-like foliage plant suits a Japanese style room.

Some souvenirs to be able to go are put beside the bay window and also the Japanese plant which is called ‘Bonsai’is also decorated casually. It is really good to be able to feel Japanese touch in such a casual place.

After ordering, the coffee staff makes each cups of coffee carefully. I ordered cold coffee. I hear the coffee beans are from an old coffee brand in Kyoto ‘Ogawa Coffee’ which was established in 1952.

They sell ‘Coffee friends: Baked Custard’which matches coffee. You can buy one for 170 yen!

We spent a fantastic time with coffee, sitting on the bench in the yard. Only Japan is a luxurious country to taste coffee in an old folk house, I suppose!

Here is a peaceful space as if you were at a temple in Kyoto while being in Tokyo.
I bet if you visit here, you must have a wonderful memory of a trip around Tokyo.

Open hours:10:00〜19:00
4-15-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 mins. walk from A2 exit , Tokyo Metro Line‘Omotesando’station
No holiday

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE:An old folk house-style cafe for healing you

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