This goldfish looks real, however it is merely candy.

This goldfish is made in Ameshin stores located in Tokyo’s Asakusa and Tokyo Soramachi. Using traditional Japanese crafting methods, they create candy animals like the picture above. They also offer order made animals and classes to learn how to make them (http://www.ame-shin.com/en/).

I went to see if I could make a goldfish like this at the Asakusa store.

When you go in the store, you can see various kinds of candy crafts for sale aligning the walls. Even upon seeing these in person, I still couldn’t believe that something this elaborate could be made from candy.

The candy goldfish, too. Its color is vivid and quite beautiful.

There were also some cranes. They looked as if they were moving.

Next was a lion. It was really cool. I was considering buying it and taking it home with me.

They also offer candy crafting classes where they teach two students at a time. For beginners, learning how to make a rabbit is relatively easy. I’m going to give this a try.

First, the teacher takes the candy that the student heated up on the stove and makes it into a round ball with his chopsticks. He then passes it back to the student, and that’s where the crafting begins.

Since candy hardens quickly when exposed to air it’s a race against the clock.

Using scissors we shaped the candy into position.

Little by little it turned into the shape of a rabbit.

Once the shape of the rabbit was finished, we used edible paint to draw on the eyes and ears, and then it was complete!

Don’t you think I did pretty well?
I even got compliments from the other students.

The classes are approximately 1.5 hours including the pre-craft practice and the actual crafting of the animal. You could eat it if you wanted; however all of the students brought home their candy animals as souvenirs. The store wrapped it up just like the candy animals that are on display for sale in the store.

Ameshin was also invited to a design event that was held in May.
At the event, they presented the “Tokyo Designers Week in New York” (http://www.wanteddesignnyc.com/) and offered candy crafting classes.
It seems as if they world recognized this traditional Japanese handicraft.

You can purchase Ameshin candy crafts and also make them yourself at their two stores located below.

Please note that the candy crafting classes are only offered at the Asakusa Head Workshop. The candy crafts made for sale can be found only at the Soramachi store.
Have a nice trip to Tokyo!

Asakusa Head Workshop
Hours: 11:00 to 18:00
Address: 111-0024 Taito-ku, Tokyo Imado 1-4-3 1F
Access: 10-15 minutes from Asakusa Station
Closed: Thursday (and occasional holidays)
※ Please first make a reservation for candy crafting classes.
※ At our head workshop we only provide classes and do not well the handicrafts.

Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi Store
Address: 131-0045 Sumida-ku, Tokyo pushed chome most two items
Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi fourth floor East yards address 11
Nearest station: Tobu Sky Tree Line Tokyo Sky Tree Station;
Toei Asakusa Line/Keisei Oshiage Line/Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Oshiage Station
Closed: Regular holidays
※ We do not provide the candy crafting classes at this store.

Is This Really Candy? Asakusa’s Ameshin Brings Candy to Life

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