In any Non-Muslim country, Muslim tourists face some difficulties for practicing their daily prayers and lack of Halal food (Islamic law about the meal). Halal food based on no pork and non-alcoholic ingredients. The number of Muslim tourist in Japan is recently increased dramatically and supposed to be 200 million (figure need to confirmed from reliable resource) by 2020 Olympic.

Today, we are going to introduce a 100% Halal Ramen shop “NARITA-YA” at Asakusa, Tokyo. It is a really rare restaurant where Muslim tourist can pray and enjoy pure Japanese taste at their ease.

We ordered Traditional Japanese Ramen (Asakusa Ramen). Of course the taste is super special just because of Japanese recipe with Halal ingredients. We experience the yummiest ramen which we navee experienced before

After enjoying Halal Ramen, we proceed to 2nd floor to observe prayer. There was a dedicated place to pray furnished with blue mat at the back side and a space to make ablution in the front.

This is the ablution space, seems not so wide but there is a facility to sit comfortably on wooden stool to wash face, arms and feet without any physical problem.

This is a prayer (Salat) space, furnished with Malaysian made rug directed towards Mecca.

Qibla direction (Direction to offer prayer towards Mecca) is also marked at the ceiling, which is necessary to offer prayer. So there is no worry about the Qibla direction.

There is a donation box placed at the prayer space to invite Muslims to contribute their part as per their strength to maintain dedicated prayer space. There is a concept in Islamic Ideology, if someone contribute for Prayer place or Mosque, ALLAH (GOD) will reward him/her with a Bungalow in Jannah (Paradise).

The specialty of the prayer space is that, whoever wants to use prayer space Fi-sabee-Lillah (for the sake of ALLAH) can offer prayer without eating food in the restaurant.

Asakusa is the most popular sightseeing spot for the tourists around the world. We are definitely sure about the Muslim tourist, no need to worry about prayer place and 100% Halal certified Japanese cuisine in the heart of Asakusa’s Sensojo Temple. So, from now, why don’t you recommend Muslim tourists a Halal Ramen restaurant “NARITA-YA”?

Address: 2-7-13 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10:00~2200 (Weekdays) / 9:00~22:00 (Weekends/Public Holidays)
Access:5 mins. walk from Tsukuba Express‘Asakusa’station  
10 mins. walk from Tokyo Metro Line‘Asakusa’station

NARITA-YA: A Traditional Japanese Ramen Shop offers 100% Halal Ramen especially for Muslim Tourists

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