Have you already been to ‘ART AQUARIUM ’at COREDO Muromachi in Nihonbashi for a limited time to September 23 ?
This is the 5th time this event has been held and it shows new world everytime. I will fully introduce the highlights of ART AQUARIUM 2015.

ART AQUARIUM is an artificial and an unusual space to unite with Japanese touch and art. The colorful and lots of kind of goldfish is exhibited artificiallyby lighting, projection, music, and so on. About 5000 goldfish is exhibited so I think that you can only watch the goldfish you have never watched but can enjoy the space itself.

This aquarium is 2.4m high, 4m wide, and the water tanks of 40 in total are coalescing with.
It has miror inside, so it looks as if there are more goldfish than the number of the fish actually. That is really misterious work.

Kaleidorium 3D
This work is fantastic to see that it dazzles like a kaleidoscope when the fish is swimming. It is exhibited near the entrance and gives us an impact.

Earth Aquarium・Japonizm
The huge water tank shaped the earth, which is 1.5m in diameter, is in the center of an exhibition area. At the bottom of the earth shaped water tank, you can see a lot of marbles, and the figure of the colorful goldish swimming above them is beautiful as if they are jewelies.

RIMPA rium
A motif of this work is a Japanese traditional sliding door called Fusuma. This work is also very beautiful because swimming goldfish itself is directly a design of Fusuma. The world’s first trial to monitor their movement of changing picturres or sound by a sencor. We will never get tired.

They try anew to bring a prism effect by a clear polyhedron. In edo era, Japanese used to call something sparkling such as diamonds or glasses “GIYAMAN”, so they named it GIYAMANrium.

スクリーンショット 2015-08-27 11.56.05

The aquarium has an impressive atmosphere with a motif of a lotus which is a seasonal word in Jpanese Haiku. You can feel a beautiful and an elegant view of the world that is created by the only 4-day-life flower lotus and the goldfish.
In addition, there are various vivid exhibitions so that you can enjoy in each attraction. And, Bar opens from 19:00. You have fun with original cocktails, beer, Japanese sake‘Dassai’, and so on, while watching the art. On weekends, some artists or DJs show their performances.

Once you enter here, you can stay as long as you want, so this free rule is very good for you because you do not need to worry the time and you can feel comfortable. If you enter here wearing Yukata, you can get a special favor, so that many women are wearing vivid Yukata, and it makes a colorful atmosphere like a summer festival.

August has sevral days left. If you did not have a Japanese summer experience yet, why don’t you go to COREDO Muromachi ?

Open hours:11:00-23:30(Last enter:23:00)
Address:Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall(COREDO Muromachi 1, 5F [Entrace 4F]
2-2-1 Nihonbashi Muromchi, ChooohWard, Tokyo
Access:Tokyo Metro Ginza Line‘Mitsukoshimae’( directly connected to the station)
Holding period: to September 23, 2015 Wed.*National Holiday/No holiday during this period
Price: 1,000yen / 1 adult

ART AQUARIUM 2015:An art under water which is created goldfish and light to embody a “sophisticated”summer in Edo era

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